How to Choose the Right Bed Sheet for a Single or Double Bed

So, your daughter or son is going to live in the hostel for the first time, and you want to buy her some single or double bed sheets for her room. Or there’s a guest coming over for a long stay, and you need to prepare a separate bed for them. Whatever be the purpose of your purchase, there are a few factors to consider before putting bed sheets in the cart. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the right bed sheet for a single bed:


  1. Design to suit the preferences

The design, colour, and patterns are one of the first things someone notices in a bed sheet. And why shouldn’t they; today, bed sheets are available in a wide variety of designs. If you like printed bed sheets, there are floral, geometric, cartoon print, seascape, traditional, and a wide variety of prints available in the market. If you like embroidery, layers or other styles, those are easily available in the market too.


  1. The right material for a good sleep

We spend a significant amount of time on our beds and that time is supposed to be comfortable. To make sure of that, it is important that the material of the bed sheet is chosen carefully. Here’s a brief about some common bed sheet materials you can choose from:


  • Cotton – Cotton bed sheets are breathable, easy to wash, stylish, and comfortable. They are available in a variety of types from Egyptian cotton to Pima or Supima cotton and many more. These are perfect for summers and work well throughout the year.


  • Flannel – Flannel is also made from cotton, but is extra fluffy because of the manufacturing process. Flannel bed sheets are comfortable, warm, and are best suited for winters.


  • Silk – Silk bed sheets are soft and comfortable. They bring about a sense of luxury to the room.


  • Linen – Linen is one of the best fabrics for hot climates. It absorbs body heat and has a naturally cooling effect. It is expensive but lasts for a long time.


  • Polyester Blend – Polyester cotton blend bed sheets are reasonably priced and are resistant to wrinkles. However, these are slightly warmer than cotton and should be avoided during extremely hot weather.


  1. What you need to know about thread count

The thing about the thread count of bed sheets is that in most cases, it doesn’t matter. You must have heard that higher the thread count is, better is the fabric. This could’ve been true in olden times, but it’s not a factor now. Presently, bed sheets are available in different materials, and even a 400-thread fabric could be better than a 1000-thread one. A good idea would be to buy cotton bed sheets as they are comfortable and durable.

  1. The right fit

Single beds come in different sizes, and so do the bed sheets. When buying a single bed sheet, make sure you’re buying the right size. After all, you don’t want a smaller bed sheet that doesn’t fit the bed completely or a larger bed sheet that keeps hanging from the bed. So, make sure you cross-check the specifications of the mattress and the bed sheet and then make a purchase.


  1. Seasonality

This factor should be considered by people who like to dress up their bed according to the season. For summers, light coloured and softly printed cotton bed sheets would be a perfect choice, while darker colour bed sheets in fabrics such as polyester are better for winter months as they keep the bed warm.


  1. Shrinking ability

Most fabrics shrink on being washed. So, while buying a single bed sheet, it would be a wise choice to check its shrinking percentage. This will help you choose the right bed sheet for the long term.


  1. Machine wash

Life is fast for everyone, and no one wants to spend time hand-washing bed sheets. So, unless you completely want to focus on the aesthetics and are willing to put in the effort to manually wash them, it would be advisable to go for a bed sheet that is machine-friendly.


These are a few factors to consider before buying a single bed sheet. We hope that this article can help you choose the perfect bed sheet according to your needs, preferences, and budget.



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