Common Bed Sheet Fabrics and Which is the Best One

Bed sheets come in different materials. Some people like the smoothness of silk bed sheets, while others prefer the comfort of cotton bed sheets. Busy people choose blended bed sheets for their ease of wash and maintenance. Bed sheets of all fabrics are available in different sizes such as single bedsheet, king size bed sheets, etc. and different prints such as striped print and Sanganeri print. We have already talked about different bed sheet prints in another article. Let’s discuss different bed sheet fabrics in this article.


  1. Cotton – We have all used cotton bed sheets, and no one can deny that. Whether it is summer, winter, or monsoon, cotton bed sheets have found a place at our homes in all seasons. Well, cotton is durable, breathable, easy to handle, and in most cases, reasonably priced. With all of these benefits packed in one, it’s not a surprise it is preferred by many. Different types of cotton bed sheets are available in the market such as Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, Supima, Flannel, etc.


  1. Silk – Silk is a fabric for those who like to keep it royal. It is soft and smooth in texture and often finds a place in bedrooms of newlywed couples or in romantic settings. But this is not the only quality of silk bed sheets. Silk is hypoallergenic in nature, making it good for the skin. Since silk represents luxury, silk bed sheets are available in beautiful colours such as pastels or romantic reds. Moreover, they come with rich prints such as floral prints, soft patterns, and ethnic designs such as Sanganeri prints.


  1. Polyester – Polyester is a manmade fiber widely popular in the market due to its low prices. It is mostly blended with other materials such as microfibre, nylon, acrylic, etc. that give it a soft texture, durability, and a wrinkle-resistant property. However, polyester bed sheets are not well-suited for hot climates.


  1. Blend – Blending two or more fabrics together creates a new fabric that has properties of both. Today, bed sheets of blended fabrics are used in most homes whether it is a double or a single bed sheet. This is due to properties such as resistance to wrinkles, affordability, and durability. The most common blends available in the market are cotton-polyester, cotton-rayon, and nylon-polyester.


  1. Bamboo – Since bamboo is a natural fibre, bed sheets made of bamboo are breathable. However, they are hard in texture, which is why they are not preferred by many. To make the texture of bamboo bed sheets smoother, manufacturers use a lot of chemicals on it, which doesn’t make it the most environment-friendly bed sheet material. However, it is still preferred by many because of the durability and softness.


These are the most common bed sheet materials available in India today. All of these have their own qualities and are used for different purposes. While cotton bed sheets are popular among the majority of the people, only you can decide the best bed sheet fabric for you.



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