Classic Bedroom Décor Ideas That Work in All Seasons

Are you passionate about how your home looks and feels? We know we are, which is why we have come up with 10 ideas for bedroom décor that you can use to give it a cosy and aesthetic touch. From choosing the greenest indoor plant to the finest printed bedsheet, this blog covers all the aspects of bedroom design. Whether you are redecorating your old bedroom or setting up one in a new house, these tips will work for you in all cases:

  1. Choose the Right Wall Paint

Painting the walls is the first step of room decoration. You can choose from a variety of vibrant colours such as orange, yellow, bright green, etc. easily available in the market today. Pair them up with a lighter colour and paint one or alternating walls. Alternatively, if you do not prefer bright colours for the bedroom, you can go for soothing colours such as off-white, grey, light pink, light blue, etc. that are easy to complement with bed covers, curtains, and other things.


  1. Dress Up the Windows

Windows are important for air ventilation and exposure to sunlight. They also offer a pleasant view of the outdoors and enhance the overall look of the bedroom. Lacy or sheer curtains in the windows can make the room come alive by allowing outside to come in partially, whether it is the sunlight, moonlight, or artificial lights from outside the home. Alternatively, if you want the curtains to block light completely, you can go for dark coloured, thick curtains. Another thing to consider is that the curtains complement the bedsheets and other items in the room. For example, if you like to use printed bedsheets, go for simple or single-colour curtains.


  1. Lights to Light Up the Room

Lights never go out of fashion. Get a bedside lamp for a cosy feel or hang strings of fairy lights to bring splendor to the room. There are corner lamps, hanging lights, and a wide variety of lights in different designs available in the market. Choose them as per your liking and bring (metaphorical) warmth to your room!


  1. Make up the Bed

A comfortable bed is the most important accessory for a well-maintained bedroom. Buy the right set of mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, blankets, and bed covers that make for a relaxing bed for you. When looking for bedsheet sets, go for designs that complement the overall theme of the room. Today, bedroom accessories are available in thousands of designs. You can easily look for them online, whether you want to buy monochromatic or Jaipuri printed bedsheets, cotton or silk pillow covers or anything else.


  1. Bring in Some Green

We have to agree that plants make our surroundings more pleasant to be in. Our bedrooms should be no exception! A wide variety and sizes of indoor plants are easily available online and offline today. They not just enhance the aesthetic appeal of the rooms, but also improve the indoor air quality.

These are some bedroom decor ideas that always work; all it takes is the right choice of things like plants, bed sheets, bed covers, night lamps, and of course the wall colour! So, now that you have these ideas fresh in your mind, make sure you use them soon. Wishing you happy redecorating!



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